Church History

Historical Timeline of First Presbyterian Church Pampa, Texas

 January 25, 1926 – Church Chartered with 75 members, 9 elders

July 7, 1927 – First Church Building opened for worship at the corner or West Browning and Frost. The Rev. W.M. Baker served as pastor.

October 1927 – October 1928 The Rev. W.L. Evans - Installed

October 1928 to October 1934 The Rev. A.A. Hyde – Installed 

A five-room manse was constructed. A brick annex was added for Sunday School

December 1934 to May 1937 – The Rev. L. B, Shell - Installed

1936 – First Board of Deacons was elected.

October 1937 to September 1944- The Rev. Robert Boshen - Installed

Building committee for new church building was established. Cost was estimated at $30,000. Manse was moved to new location on N. Gray street during this period. The new church building cornerstone was laid February 16, 1941

March 1945 to June 1954 – The Rev. Dr. D.E. Nelson - Installed

May 1945 – Building mortgage was burned.

February 1949- Plans for new addition accepted. Estimated cost of $40,000. Fall of 1949- Building fund drive started

1946 – Book of Remembrance established

1951 – Church celebrated 25th anniversary. The Rev. R. M. Baker returns for celebration

October 1954 to June 1961 – The Rev. Ronald E. Hubbard - Installed

1957 – Prairie Schooner Mariners group established (no longer active)

1958 – Church addition for Christian Education is built.

May 1962 to January 1967 – The Rev. Donald S. Hauck- Installed

Session expanded to 15 elders. The Senior and Junior High fellowships are established. (As of 2018, there are 9 elders)

Refugee Program – 10 to 12 people finding homes through efforts of FPC Pampa

1965 – Two worship services on Sunday

July 1967 to February 1974 – The Rev. Martin Hager - Installed

Genesis House founded under Rev. Hager’s leadership. 

Satellite Center for Pampa Sheltered Workshop established at FPC

(The school moved into their own building after several years.)

February 1975 to October 1976– The Rev. Norman Dow – Installed

Dec. 1976 – 50th Anniversary celebration

January 1977 to August 1977 – The Rev. Lewis Koerselman, Jr – Interim  Pastor

September 18, 1977 to 1987 – The Rev. Joe Turner - Installed 

TNT (Twenties & Thirties) fellowship group began. 

Capital Funds drive for general improvements and repairs

The Deaconate was discontinued, and Session increases to 18 elders

Carillion System was purchased

Satellite Center for Pampa Sheltered Workshop established at FPC

1982 – 1986 - The Rev. Carol Woods, Associate Pastor - Installed

1988 – 1993 -The Rev. John Judson – Installed

Kirking of the Tartans tradition began

1993-1995  – The Rev. Jim Mahon, Interim Pastor 

1995-2004 - The Rev. Dr. Edwin Cooley – Installed

Session approves use of space for Samaritan Counseling Center 

(Discontinued need of space after several years)

Logos Program established. 

Pampa Ministerial Alliance reestablished 

Praise service pilot program established (no longer active)

Lenten Services in conjunction with St. Matthews initiated

Organized redevelopment – 12 Ruling Elders on Session

1995-2003 – The Rev. Robin Gantz, Parish Associate - Installed

November 18, 2001 – 75th Anniversary Celebration was held. Pastors the Rev. Marty Hager, the Rev. Joe Turner, the Rev. Don Hauck, and Dr. John Judson all attended.

April 8, 2003 - Nancy Ruff, CRE hired as Commissioned Lay Pastor

2005-2008 – Nancy Ruff, Parish Associate, pulpit supply and pastoral care in the interim period

2008-2011- The Rev. Kenny Rigolout – Installed

2009 – Education Building renovated

2012-2013 -Nancy Ruff, CRE – Parish serving in interim period for pastoral care and pulpit supply

New Allen Organ installed

2012 - Nancy Ruff, CRE, served as Moderator for Palo Duro Presbytery

2013 – Playground equipment purchased and installed on church property

2013 – 2015 The Rev. Jim Friedewald – Installed

Organization Redevelopment – 8 Ruling Elders on Session

2013 – 2016 – Nancy Ruff, CRE – pastoral care and pulpit supply

2016- 2018, The Rev. Clover Bailey – Interim Pastor 

New Carillion purchased

Hymn recordings for organ established

2019 - present,  The Rev. Dr. Ken McIntosh - pulpit supply